Skills between class/subclass

Started by Pariah, April 13, 2023, 02:10:10 AM

So I started wondering in discord when someone was talking about it and the subject came to Master Brew and Master Poisoning.

If you took Stalker/Apothecary, where you can get master in both.

I know with overlap of other skills like slashing or something you get a little bump in starting power of the skill.

Does that bump only happen after you would have branched brew from cooking on the stalker or when you first unlock brew through either options?  Bandagemaking from Apoc or Cooking from Stalker?

Does the code know that you double dipped and branch into apprentice or something?
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Not the way it works, in terms of just having overlapping skills.

Lets say your class has a skill that has a range of X to Y.
Your subclass has that same skill that has a range of X+10 to Y.

Whenever you get that skill, starting or branching, you get it at X+10.

If they both start at X, you start at X.  Basically whichever has the higher minimum skill level will be the one that applies. So quite dependent on class and subclass combination.