Request for Helpers

Started by Ath, April 10, 2023, 12:19:25 AM

Hello folks!

We are interested in adding a few more Helpers to the groups as a few have joined the ranks of the Moderators, and well, we can never have enough helpers.  Helpers are the first folks that will answer questions at the best of their ability and guiding new players to documentation.  The best sort of helper is the sort that will guide and let a new player form their own opinion and learn at their own speed. 

We are hoping to find folks that understand the documentation or understand how to look it up if they don't know the answer to the question.  You should always be kind and courteous, and try to not dissuade a new player from any aspect of the game, but more so warn and give good, positive advise.

Please read our help file on Helpers here:

If you are interested in helping out, please put in a request.  Type Role Application, Future Character, Unclanned, and use for the subject:  For Ath - Helper Application.

1.  Why do you want to be a helper?
2.  What makes you a good helper?
3.  If you cannot find documentation on question that is being asked, what is the appropriate response to the question?

Thanks!  I'll leave this open for a few weeks and speak to people as they apply.
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