Moving Forward

Started by Halaster, March 30, 2023, 11:38:33 AM

Due to recent events concerning a breach of trust by staff, and historical issues of a similar nature, we have instituted a number of changes.,59229.0.html

Now is the time for us to double-down and work together on building the community we want this game to be.  All of us, staff and players alike, need to put the past behind us and move forward.  This does not mean forgetting what happened before or pretending like it never did, but it does mean focussing on looking to the future, while remembering the past to help us avoid repeating the mistakes that have been made.

Staff need to let grudges go and understand that people make mistakes and learn from them, and they change and grow.  This doesn't mean we automatically ignore the fact certain things were done by some players in the past.  But it does mean we want to judge people by their recent and current behavior and let them have the opportunity to move beyond historical issues and notes.

We would appreciate the same from players.  Let go of old grudges, give staff some leeway and benefit of the doubt in order for the community to heal and move forward.  Play the game!  Don't wait on someone else to make the first move.

As mentioned in the link above, if you have been banned there is an invitation to put in a request to have it reviewed.  There are certain situations where it won't be lifted (i.e. you participate in nazi forums), but they will all be fairly re-evaluated and staff can try to work with you on coming to a mutual understanding.

There are some who feel like they cannot move beyond the past issues, who feel like they can never trust staff again, and who never intend to play again.  To those people we are sorry you feel that way, and if we could change the past we would.  But we kindly ask you do not linger in the community just to stir up past issues and rekindle grudges.  We wish you the very best and hope you find a community where you feel happy and safe as you move on.

To everyone, be patient with each other.  Understand that some things take time and don't change overnight, but we feel the momentum is there and changes are happening.  But keep #1 of the Discord/GDB rules in mind: "Show respect and kindness above all".  Don't snipe at each other on the GDB or in Discord, don't assume the worst in each other.  Instead actively try to understand and find the good in someone else's argument you don't agree with.  Think "if a new player started reading this, would it feel welcoming to them?".  Actively work on building a community you'd like to participate in, because each of us ARE the community.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev