Staff Contract

Started by Brokkr, March 27, 2023, 04:46:40 PM

March 27, 2023, 04:46:40 PM Last Edit: March 29, 2023, 09:49:24 AM by Halaster
All Staff are required to read and agree to the Staff Contract.  This is an updated version, rolled out to Staff today.

Staff Contract

  • Anything designed within the world of Armageddon is the sole property of ArmageddonMud[1].
  • Staff members shall read all documents on the immortal website, and shall be held accountable to adhering to these documents.
  • Staff members are not to talk to, or become visible to mortals, outside of Staff business they are authorized to handle, unless it is immediately necessary. The request tool is the preferred method of communication.[2]
  • Staff members shall keep staff-privy information within the ranks of the staff, and away from the general populace[3].
  • Staff members shall interact in their staffing capacity with mortals ICly only through the use of NPCs and animations. Under no circumstances shall a quest be designed or a situation created with the intention of harming or killing a pc. Whenever a PC comes to harm[4] as a result of a situation in which a staff member, via staff avatar, NPC or staff PC was involved, the staff member is responsible for putting in a request within 24 hours, but preferably immediately, detailing the incident.
  • Staff members shall inform the administration in advance of any prolonged absences. Unexplained absences of more than 6 weeks can result in the staff member being set to Legend.
  • Staff members are considered representatives of ArmageddonMud, both on and off the mud, and should conduct themselves accordingly when discussing Armageddon or related topics[5]. This includes discussing the game with online handles other than their staff persona.
  • Staff members are required to inform the Producer Team if they have a current or past romantic or familial relationship with a player. [6]
  • Staff members found to be using their role as staff to further their mortal characters, or to in any way punish or harass another player due to personal reasons, will be immediately removed from staff.
  • The job of a staff member is exactly that, a job. Every staff member is expected to constructively add to the world for as long he/she holds his/her position.


    [1] Property rights will remain in ArmageddonMud's control, although if a staff member wishes a copy of their work at any time, they may request it and ArmageddonMud will mail them a copy.
    [2] Do not engage with players through direct messaging (DM's) in Discord in your -official- capacity as staff about official business.  All Armageddon business should be handled via Request Tool.  This is not meant to be an attempt to police friendships or personal relationships.  You can freely talk with players in Discord about personal matters, and opinions on the game, or swap stories.  This is meant to direct things like "Hey, can you unstore my character" to the request tool.   Exceptions for players who are unable to use the request tool for some reason, such as physical or technical limitations, are acceptable, as are sensitive topics where the player does not want a larger audience viewing the request.
    [3] Staff-privy information includes, but is not limited to, bulletin boards, spoken text on immortal channels, details of un-linked zones, documents contained on the website, email from staff mailing lists, staff discord conversation, direct messaging between staff on any platform and information on disk(i.e. "ls"). This restriction continues even if the staff member leaves staff and includes all privy information learned while on staff.
    [4] Harming shall be defined as endangering the life of a character, be it through physical harm such as damage, material harm such as the removal of all equipment or coins, or mental harm such as psionical attacks or theft of something held dear.
    [5] When discussion of ArmageddonMud is held, staff members are considered representatives, and should refrain from making statements that could potentially harm the muds image. This includes, but not limited to flaming other muds in comparison to Armageddon, making snide comments towards others discussing Armageddon, and otherwise acting irresponsibly while discussing Armageddon.
    [6] Details of the relationship, the history of it, or the like are not necessary.  A simple "I was married to so-and-so", or "So-and-so is my Real Life brother".  This is to help prevent the Producer Team from being blind-sided if any issue arises, and not intended to find out about your personal life.

Failure to comply with the Staff Contract can and will result in removal from the staffing team.