how to iron out issue with specific staff?

Started by Obeliskocism, March 21, 2023, 05:41:22 PM

If a player has an outstanding issue with a staff person, what is the proper channel/process to have it addressed?

For example, a specific staff person was - in my opinion - rather rude to me a few months ago.  It wasn't harassment or abusive, per se, but it has left a foul taste in my mouth and continues to weigh on me as a reason I'm less than fully motivated to play.

If we were all in the same community and could reach out to discuss small issues or possible miscommunications before they escalate into grudges and injuries, that would be great.  I do not feel that this staff person sees themselves as part of a community with me, though.  They give the impression that I am a lowly peasant who wants to iron something out with an aristocrat, so I have no idea how to go about it or how to even bring it to their attention.  A request complaint seems like overkill, but the longer it festers the worse I feel.

Best way to do that is a Staff Complaint and we can go from there.  Maybe mention that you'd like to work out, and we can go from there as that is a good first step.  That at least gets the conversation started.
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