Staff Roles - Clarification

Started by Pariah, March 20, 2023, 10:01:31 AM

So I'll be the first to admit that despite my long playtime here, I honestly don't know anything about what the staff roles are besides for Builders build shit and Storytellers are the entry level rung.

Can you guys do a breakdown of what the difference is between a Producer, Administrator, Board Admin and all the other things?   Maybe a breakdown of authority from top to bottom too?  I know I can't be the only one that doesn't know if an Administrator is bigger than a Producer or whatnot.

All that I knew (I think) is that Nessalin was the end all be all of decisions, so now that he's leaving, how's that power hierarchy work?
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This my way of seeing it, and how I tend to let folks know how it works in the simplest manner.

Storyteller - They are assigned clans within an area of the game world.  They will track, monitor, animate, and create/run plots for the players.  They will answer requests within their clans, like leader reports, item requests, questions, all dealing with their clans.  They will tend to help with wider projects and plots that might span their area of the game or other areas of the game.  They answer to an Administrator for their game area.

Administrator - They are assigned an area of the game world that they are responsible for.  The managed and monitor the team of Storytellers that they have assigned to them, typically though they will have a clan or two they also try to work just like a Storyteller (depending on number of staff members).  They are there to ensure the vision that the Producers have created is being envisioned within their area they are in charge of.  They are typically the ones that will champion larger projects and plots that will affect the game world.  They also tend to approvals for building and other types of requests that come from Storytellers.

Producer - They are the owners of the game, they are the visionaries for the game, and the keepers of the overall vision for the game.  They manage the staff team as a whole.  They tend to be the ones that create and maintain the overall meta-plot of the game if there is one present at the time.  They are the ones that tend to decide up game wide changes to the game, for example if we close or open a whole areas of game play to the players, class and subclass changes, or code changes that would affect major parts.  They are also there to be advisors to the rest of the staff members, to assist where needed, and answer questions as they tend to have a good understand of the game as a whole.
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