Another Suitcase In Another Hall (Evita-Style Role Call!)

Started by Hestia, March 13, 2023, 09:32:21 PM

Spice, hair, mouth, weapons
Dress, voice, style, profits
Hands, decor, rings, armor
Face, diamonds, excitement, image

All of the nobles are expected to outshine their enemy
You won't disappoint them
you are their Merchant, that's what they call you
So make them adore you

Make them fantastic, make them be rainbow high
in Kadian fashions.

Tuluk and Allanak need their trav'ling attire.
You can't disappoint them
You are their Dealer that's what they call you
So make them drink to you!

Make them fantastic, make them be thodeliv high
in Kuraci spice.

All of the Known needs their weapons and armor you know.
You mustn't disappoint them
You're the Crew Leader, that's what they call you
So make them buy from you

Make them fantastic, make them be deadly high
In Salarri gear.

Needed: outgoing, consistent personality who can appease the eccentricities of nobility, calm the demands of the templarate, provide work and product to the common rabble, and bring wisdom and street smarts to keep from being robbed by filthy elves every time you leave the estate/compound.

The Kadian Merchant, Kurac Dealer, and Salarr Merchant are combination "sales diva/political beast" roles. Having at least one or two of the House-appropriate crafting skills is optimal, but not required. Being able to hire people and delegate the work to them is important.  You may be needed to hobnob with nobles, templars, aides, and juggle their needs while (hopefully) not losing your own neck in their political wars against each other.  These are a low/no-combat roles.

Travel will be needed at times, and arranging RPTs for escorts will be an important part of the job.  For this reason, peak time play at least some time of the week, consistently, is preferred (even though not mandatory).

Weekly character reports are required, even if it's to report that there's nothing to report. Must be mundane. Must have at least a couple hours every week of overlap with whatever minions you choose to hire. Must be willing to delegate tasks to those minions.

DEADLINE: Saturday, March 18 at 3:32PM, Server

Please submit your Role Application request to the appropriate clan (Salarr, Kurac, or Kadius) with the following info:
Character name, general background (anything you can get from the public docs is fine)
A couple of short term, mid-term, and long-term goals for your character
Halaster — Today at 10:29 AM
I hate to say this
[10:29 AM]
I'll be quoted
[10:29 AM]
but Hestia is right

Reviewing with the team and then will be reaching out.  Thank you for those who apped.

We were hoping to release this before the role call went out, but nevertheless please enjoy this new GMH role call video: