Halaster Out

Started by Halaster, March 07, 2023, 10:11:40 PM

I've come to the realization that what I want out of the game, what I expect out of the game, what I hope the game to be, are all out of touch with most of staff and the playerbase right now.  We've made some decent strides towards improving, but my willpower has run out.  Hopefully I've done my part it putting a few things in place to get the ball rolling, but I no longer have the drive to keep trying.  I think I am now starting to hurt the process more than help.  To quote Shabago in his resignation, "I'm not the right person for the job".

I'm resigning from staff for a while.  I will stick around long enough to help train up someone to replace my job functions, and to finish the combat overhaul project.  Any IC storylines and plots I had going on I'll find a champion to see it through as they see fit.  In a few months I might check back in to see if there's a place for me.