New Staff

Started by Sanvean, November 29, 2003, 03:10:23 PM

I wanted to thank everyone who sent in applications for staff. We got some great ones this time, and as some of you know, the second step was a grueling online interview with myself, Nessalin, and Naephet. ;)  This process seems to have worked very well, and I think we'll be followng it from now on.

We picked a number of people from the second round, and they're going to be getting used to the staff side of things for the next month and learning the ropes.

Here's the names, and who will be doing what.

Gilvar will be working with Ashyom on Kadius (and T'zai Byn with Tlaloc as needed)
Louten will be working with Myrdryn on the Anyali
Nidhogg will be working with Xygax on the Guild
Sanura will be working with Zhaira on Tor (and AoD as needed)
Wachabe will be working with Vendyra and Kivan on Borsail

Please treat them with the same kindness and respect I've seen most of you use towards the rest of the staff.