The Future of the GDB and Discord

Started by Halaster, March 05, 2023, 12:16:30 PM

The following changes are going to be implemented to the GDB and Discord.

1. A group of player moderators (volunteers) will be identified.
2. GDB/Discord will become moderated by that player team.  Staff's role will be to empower and enable them to do so.
3. Staff cannot be moderators unless they volunteer and are accepted by the player moderation team.  The exception to this is Producers needing to step in certain rare, egregious circumstances.
4. The player moderation team will determine rules for behavior and how bans/timeouts will be issued.
5. GDB is going to have captcha enabled to prevent bots.
6. Discord is going to have a rules channel that everyone has to agree to.
7. This is all done for a trial period of 4 months.  If this produces positive results, it will become permanent.

The parts about moderation will become effective once the team is put together and everything setup for them.  We'll do that as quickly as possible, but the work will take some time.
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Adding a small note here as it goes along with it, the GDB has undergone a few changes that will make it harder for spam accounts to sign up.  This should make it easier for us to approve accounts.  I've cleaned up the registrations as of late, and rejected most of them.  If you have created an account recently and it was rejected, please go ahead and sign up again.  Thank you!
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