New staff, old staff, same staff?

Started by Vwest, March 04, 2023, 03:43:34 PM

There are some rumors floating around the community that the two staffers who were kicked off the team in disgrace bid a fond farewell are simply going to be retained on staff, but under different names and roles.

Any truth to the rumors? Asking for posterity... and because there are still a few women left in the community who are justifiably concerned.
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Shabago was not fired in any way.  They may be around in the background a bit to facilitate handover/knowledge transfer, up to them.  This was not a huge surprise to Halaster or myself, in fact the two of us had a conversation on succession planning a couple of weeks ago.  Linking the two happened solely in the minds of players making guesses.

The player of Shalooonsh is not on Staff in any capacity.  The the Staff are either returning, so you should know they would not be that player, because you have seen the name before.  Or they are part of the Staffing call that happened before he left Staff.