Started by Seeker, March 04, 2023, 01:59:47 AM

Hey, Ask the Staff!

How do I send kudos to a player who I only know by their GDB Handle?

Suppose I just read something on the GDB.  Maybe in a feedback post or maybe just anywhere?  Something so awesome, correct and especially gracious that I wanted to send a public kudos for it through the system.  I don't mind if they never would get it.  It would just feel good to send it.  It would feel like the right thing to do.

How would I do that, please?  Thx.

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Please use Kudos for IC and PC related laudatory notes - this is so Staff can facilitate sending them to the right player, even if you just know them by their PC.

For GDB related stuff, please feel free to DM them using the GDB message feature. 

Focusing on your desire to send the person a public kudos - you can reply to the thread and post your thoughts there.

There's no alternative "feature" to send something "through the system" to make it "public".