New Staff

Started by Halaster, March 03, 2023, 08:21:31 PM

Welcome the following to staff!

Aesira - new staff
Ath - returning staff
Caverin - returning staff
Enthemu - returning staff
Natious - returning staff
Oberon - returning staff
Obtutus - returning staff

Once we figure out where everyone's going, I'll update the staff list.

I want to thank Oleupata for agreeing to step in to the Producer role.  As our other official game coder, she and I have worked and collaborated on a lot of things over the past year, and it has been a true pleasure for me.  She is very thoughtful, very level-headed, smart, creative, and an absolute asset to the team.  When Shabago stepped down Brokkr and I both instantly thought she would be the right person for the job, and we crossed our fingers that she would accept.