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A relevant GDC presentation
« on: March 02, 2023, 09:51:24 PM »
Hello all,

In 2019 the Path of Exile team gave a GDC conference talk in San Francisco.  For those neckbeards among us, GDC was the pivot point between mud admins on the email list becoming MMO producers in 2000-2003.  More recently, 2014-2016 presentations define modern game monetization and why the mobile app market is what it is.   There are also game design post mortems from a surprising amount of Tier A and B MMO offerings.

I think there are some relevant points about release cycles, managing player retention, etc, as a small game studio.   The crunchy bits are between 8min and 20min on this video.
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Re: A relevant GDC presentation
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While we're at it, I know someone from another MU who writes fantastic articles and is an amazing contributor to multiple communities. Her writing and her work are fantastic.

Check it out!