Small PC Business Policy Correction

Started by Katima, February 24, 2023, 02:15:06 PM

Previously it was being relayed by me to players that 'small business' player clans in Tuluk were restricted to only selling the goods available in the shop. This was my misunderstanding of documentation, and I apologize to any hopefuls it may have discouraged thus far. The reality of the policy is that you can sell whatever you want, only throuth-the-shop sales are restricted to the format of the shop you chose.

An example: You rent a cobbler's shop that sells boots. Some boots are classified as containers to allow them to function as pocketed boots or sheathes. Having this container item type sales allowance in your shop doesn't mean you can also go and load up your shopkeeper with trunks and chests (which are also item type container), you're still restricted to only selling boots because it's a cobbler's shop.

Sorry again for any confusion I relayed, we're back on track now and those of you who were hesitant because of that can now send in inquiries if you have them!
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