Escalation of Force / Use of Force Continuum

Started by DesertT, February 12, 2023, 03:25:29 PM

Is there a way to compare how often a certain implement for administering penalties for crimes has been used in comparison to how many PK reports have been submitted by militia / Templarate?

I know that there's a recommendation about how to administer punishment, but other than that thread, do we feel we could push an "escalation of force" thought process in regards to crimes committed (or alleged)?

I ask because I honestly hate losing longer-lived characters to militia / Templarate when there's been no real use of the "use of force continuum".

And yes, I understand that there are crimes that warrant death, but in my experience, it feels like the go to instead of "this has escalated to this level".
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I would suggest putting in a request.  At some point trying to avoid particulars makes the entire question so murky as to make it unclear what we are supposed to be responding to.