The Vru'Rihali

Started by Shabago, February 12, 2023, 11:56:04 AM

QuoteIn the 61st year of the 22nd age (1678), an unnamed nomadic tribe among many others previously residing within the harsh climate of the Salt Flats was contacted by a mysterious figure, one who claimed to be an ancient being of power and wisdom. Clinging to the idea that he was the reincarnated form of one of their presumed long-dead worshiped idols, they flocked to him, working beneath him and working to further his goals, hiding away from the looming shadow of the Black City.. who saw them– a group of people just trying to find a safe haven away from the tyrannical rule of the Pits– as a threat.

A war was inevitable, Allanak's dictator Highlord would not allow them to know peace, not unless they cowered beneath His Shadow, so they reached out to other groups who opposed the city-state's dominion in an effort to bolster their numbers against the coming storm. When the battle finally came, they fought tooth and nail, leading to heavy casualties on both sides, but they eventually found themselves outmatched and out-manned, leading to the near-total evisceration of their families and friends.

Additionally, they were faced with the new knowledge that they had been lied to, all of them, by the sorcerer known as Papolaos. The abomination deceived them, and abandoned them to the aftermath of the war he started.

Very few managed to survive this annihilation by scattering and regrouping, settling together under a new name and sigil within the vast Vrun Driath: the Vru'Rihali.

- Entirely player suggested, written, collaborated on. - Kudos to HazelHomewrecker.
- Directly tied into game lore/history.
- Built in documentation for how interaction will be had with the Known at large.
- Distinctive style/motif, inks and beliefs.
- Requests for documentation upon the tribe is now open.
- Tribe goes live within the week.
- Major kudos to Katima for building this out with me.
- Ara'Seik will soft close.
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We're going to wrap up this rolecall on Saturday night at midnight server time. If you've been on the fence deciding, please get your concept in before then!
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This rolecall is now CLOSED for new apps. All current docs requests should have been approved, and the deadline for submissions has been moved up to midnight tonight for those who just got the docs this morning. Sadly I won't be able to take everyone, so be sure to get your concept in on time.
You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy. - Nightbirde

Just letting everyone know that this tribe is now officially 'open'. I will resume accepting requests of interest for rolling up a concept, but documentation will not be released without a reasonable assurance that a PC will come of it.

There is also a cap on this tribe, and if you put in a docs request while there aren't slots open for your concept, it'll be declined.

Feel free to send inquiries to me by putting in a clan related question request for the Vru'Rihali.
You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy. - Nightbirde