Available Tribes/Clans

Started by Gunnerblaster, February 04, 2023, 12:54:54 AM

So, I was browsing the Clans/Tribes of Armageddon and I'm still seeing tribes, like the Red Fangs, listed as 'Open' - And I'd like to know which clans/tribes are definitely open and available for PC's to join?

I ask because I've sent questions directly to some of those clans, via the Request Tool, and have gone several days without a response. Not attempting to be snarky or anything - I just don't want to waste time developing a character concept for a Clan/Tribe that states it's 'Open' when it is, in fact, not.
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This is a great question. One I'm sure other players might have from time to time as well.

Firstly, all the tribes/clans mentioned being "open" on the website - are open for play.

However, most of them also have a limit on how many players can be active and alive in those tribes/clans at any given time.

Your best bet would be to put in a request, choosing the appropriate tribe/clan from the drop-down menu in the Request Tool, and ask:
a) Hey, I'd like to play a role in this tribe, I understand it is open. If there are slots available, could you let me know what types are available.
b) Could I have access to clan documentation.

Once you have a response, you can submit your concept for approval and take it from there.

If you're without a PC and would like an immediate response, please feel free to say so in your request. Staff does try to expedite those.

So, to summarize, even if certain clans/tribes might be open to play, they might not have a slot currently available. Or, they might have available slots, but possibly not for the concept you might want to pick (for example a particular type of magicker).

It's not possible to update the website so dynamically, so a Request is your fastest bet here.

Usually those kinds of requests are replied quite swiftly, but sometimes there might be delays, due to RL, so take that into account.