Karma double dipping

Started by Ammut, January 22, 2023, 06:44:27 PM

While I'm not currently playing the game and on hiatus, I had a thought about karma and double dipping.

From my limited knowledge of karma and what it can be used for, one could use it for a skill bump on initial character creation.  Possibly even a stat bump if staff is feeling generous.

If one was to take subguild none, let their karma regenerate, they could potentially take a karma subguild - effectively being a 3-6 karma player depending on what subguild it was.  Example being a desert elf who suddenly manifests as a Drov or Elkros elementalist after several RL months of play (if the code allows it?).

Is this sort of loophole something that would be shutdown by staff, or more of a "you lived long enough as subguild none to let your karma regenerate, we don't care" type situation?

Or am I getting ahead of myself here and this has already been considered by staff?

None can only choose mundane subclasses to replace it.