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So what's going on in the south:


THINGS are going on in the south. We need people to do some of these things. That means we need at least one new noble, possibly two nobles.

What kinds of things could we use?

People to clean up. The sewers, I mean. They got lots of rats. Like, a whole lot of them. A suspicious amount of them. Plus other things.

Some hearty partying. Have it catered. Play pin the ears on the elf. Be THE ONE who succeeds in learning how to make an elf fly off the Red's balcony. Invite your frienemies. Then kill them. Kill them with things.

People who might be interested in exploring the arcane by hiring arcane minions, then using their knowledge to make a lovely new vintage. Or invent a new thing. Because there aren't enough things.

What else do we need from our new noble?

A FALE, OASH, or JAL who will try to succeed within the guidelines of their house.
CONSISTENT play times. Your minions need to know you're around.
Weekly reports even if it's to say "nothing happened last week."
A genuine interest in self-directed RP, including others, and delegating.
A genuine interest and intention to promote political roleplay.
Nobles who will be out and about in public, interacting with other PCs.

What do we not need from our new noble?

Please no gick nobles, psi nobles, or bastard nobles.  Also please no "intentional exceptions to the rule."

What can you expect from me?

Animations at random times between 9am server til 10pm server.
Guidance in realizing goals, or help in setting them.
Fixing all your typos.
Giving your character at least one "important" goal right out of the starting gate.
I'll be your right-hand-man behind the scenes for big RPT events.
Some bling for your character right out of chargen, in addition to the signet ring.
Response to requests in a reasonable period of time - almost always.

What can you not expect from me?
To animate or respond to wishes any time other than 9am-10pm server. 
To hold your hand or require specific outcomes of any reasonable plots you start or get involved in.

DEADLINE: December 6 or when I have at least one amazing noble app, whichever comes first.


Submit "Role Application" - address it Hestia - House [insert house here].
Include character name, a working description/background that can be changed if necessary. You must include:

2 "immediate" goals - things you want to accomplish in the first RL month.
2 "medium" goals - things you want to accomplish within your first 6 months of playing them.
2 "long-term" goals - other than "get promoted" - which is a given.

Include your expected "usual" play times. Helps to know if there'd at least be some overlap.

This is me and my minions who bring me presents. Notice all these presents are things. Remember things? Yeah - I get them too.

Halaster — Today at 10:29 AM
I hate to say this
[10:29 AM]
I'll be quoted
[10:29 AM]
but Hestia is right

Act Now! Only 4 More Days To Take Advantage Of This Spectacular Offer!



Halaster — Today at 10:29 AM
I hate to say this
[10:29 AM]
I'll be quoted
[10:29 AM]
but Hestia is right

(Hestia was just shown recently how to add images to posts)
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev


Something amazing happened. It was like - a catharsis, a miracle, a spark from a fire-kank's arse, and some kind of THING.

There has been at least one selected (remember I did say til the 6th or til I get at least one awesome app, whichever comes first).

And so this role call is now officially

Thanks to everyone who applied - this was a tough decision, as everyone who applied put a lot of thought into their would-be nobles. You're all awesome.
Halaster — Today at 10:29 AM
I hate to say this
[10:29 AM]
I'll be quoted
[10:29 AM]
but Hestia is right