Mul Roleplay

Started by Evilone, November 27, 2022, 08:36:28 PM

Just curious, but the line in the documentation that has existed for Muls for ages now.

"If Southern, you were raised in the slave pens of either Borsail or Kasix; if Northern, you were raised in their counterpart in Tuluk, House Winrothol."

So Borsail are the only ones who breed muls, and then sell them to Kasix who then raise them?

Also the part in The Bondmate Relationship

"Often, these are other slaves you were raised with, as a half-sibling, and who rely upon you for protection."

Does often mean always in this case? If so it might be worth changing that little piece of info on the webpage. Thanks!
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Mul clarifications:

Origins and ownership:
You can only be raised in the slave pens of Borsail, Kasix or Winrothol - they're the only ones with the know-how to breed, raise and ween muls.

Thereafter, you MAY be sold to other noble houses, great merchant houses, the T'zai Byn or even certain ministries in the City. However you would not be sold to some merchant or rich individual, for "private use".

Bond-mate and relationships:
A mul would always have a bond-mate. That is legit the main tool with which they can be raised, trained, disciplined and made to suffer. That said, muls could be raised in the company of others, to provide an added leverage of control to the owners. But these "others" even combined, would not be enough to replace the bond-mate.

One further point: only Borsail raises and trains muls for use in the Arena these days. Kasix stock is much smaller, much 'lower quality' (that feels icky to say, but I'm speaking from the point of view of people breeding and using others as slaves here), and more tightly controlled, for things like manual labour. Borsail arena fail-outs are also sometimes transferred to Kasix work crews so Borsail can recoup some of their investment.