Background Fix Question

Started by dumbstruck, November 27, 2022, 07:27:26 PM

I have an application in currently and on rereading what it came out as in the buffer for the background a little bit ago I realized it cut out several lines of their background and stuck two sentence fragments together in the last sentence which looks a bit bananas. I was wondering if whoever is doing apps, if it's otherwise okay, could please remove the last sentence from the background for me and let me just add a bio to finish it out so that it doesn't read like nonsense?

I didn't realize at the time that it had cut that much out, and thought it dropped the last line, hit .f, and copy/pasted the last line in, thinking it was fine, but this was during all those crashes earlier, and I didn't want the game to die on me mid application for a third time and submitted without proofreading because I had already proofread the whole that was copy/pasted so because it otherwise didn't have typos and looked fine thought it was okay until I caught this. I asked about it on the help channel in discord but it scrolled out of the buffer window with no response.