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Afternoon, everyone. I take zero pleasure in this, but considering someone - namely Ibusoe - wishes to publicly attempt reputational ruin on two undeserving players, the staff body has decided to take action in their defense. This is the style of attacks the team has had lobbed at us in the past and we shrug off, as people get mad all the time. However, when it comes to something as heinous as rape accusations and against innocent parties who sure didn't sign up for such behavior, we're drawing a line.

The oddity in this attack on the two players in question and in Ibusoe's supplied time frame is that the only person to breach consent rules and conduct themselves in a fashion that is disgusting and, by their own terminology, "rapey" was Ibusoe themselves. The event and log in question, with the two player accts in question removed.

The 'Rape' event was in fact a Byn sparring session.

QuoteThu Nov 10 22:42:54 2022   (say)   [35870]   (attacked player 1) "say (nodding) He's..special. Not sure how that will get us killed..more likely to get himself killed."
Thu Nov 10 22:43:14 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (Bystander) "tell x It'll get anyone killed who goes off after him to try and help."
Thu Nov 10 22:43:31 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (Bystander)   "tell x Good folk die helpin' the foolish."
Thu Nov 10 22:43:35 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (attacked player 2)   "tell x (looking over with genuine concern) Amos okay in head?"
Thu Nov 10 22:43:54 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (attacked player 1)   "tell elf You leave that decision to your officers."
Thu Nov 10 22:44:05 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (Bystander)   "tell x (readying ~training.spear) Can do. Runner X, ready."
Thu Nov 10 22:44:34 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (Attacked player 2)   "tell elf (nodding once) (player x), ready."
Thu Nov 10 22:44:43 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (attacked player 1)   "tell jowled (waving a massive hand before !jowled) Hellooo?"
Thu Nov 10 22:45:00 2022   (emote)   [35870]   (Ibusoe)   ": flings a handful of semen on ~player1"
Thu Nov 10 22:45:13 2022   (emote)   [35870]   (bystander)   "emote nods and springs forward at ~x lowering his shoulder upon closing the distance"
Thu Nov 10 22:45:29 2022   (emote)   [35870]   (attacked player 2)   "emote blinks"
Thu Nov 10 22:45:33 2022   (emote)   [35870]   (attacked player 2)   "emo pauses, peering distractedly at ~Jowled"
Thu Nov 10 22:45:49 2022   (say)   [35870]   (attacked player 2)   "say (musing aloud) Yuck."
Thu Nov 10 22:45:54 2022   (say)   [35870]   (attacked player 1)   "say The fuck did he just throw.."
Thu Nov 10 22:46:07 2022   (emote)   [35870] (Ibusoe)   ": throws a handful of semen at ~player 2"
Thu Nov 10 22:46:07 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (bystander)   "tell x Forgot ya was good like that. Why ya use that critter out there? Got strong legs for a roundear."
Thu Nov 10 22:46:28 2022   (emote)   [35870]   (bystander)   "emote baps ~x ineffectually upon the helm with his boot"
Thu Nov 10 22:46:30 2022   (emote)   [35870]   (attacked player 2)   "emote With a blank blink beforehand, @ sniffs sharply."
Thu Nov 10 22:46:55 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (attacked player 1)   "tell elf You'd be surprised how effective a critter crashing into your enemy is."
Thu Nov 10 22:47:08 2022   (emote)   [35870]   (attacked player 2)   "emote huffs out a sharp exhale through his nostrils."
Thu Nov 10 22:47:23 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (Bystander)   "tell x I seen carru drop ya effective critters. Aint that how them southy sarges died?"
Thu Nov 10 22:48:04 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (attacked player 1)   "tell jowled (trying again, even as he wipes the jizz off of himself) Amos okay in the head?"
Thu Nov 10 22:48:07 2022   (emote)   [35870]   (bystander)   "emote furrows his brow as he struggles to find connection against ~player1"
Thu Nov 10 22:48:27 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (attacked player 1)   "tell elf Maybe so, not everyone has the same control over what thier critter..mine is as my own legs beneath me. With the weight of a giant behind it."
Thu Nov 10 22:48:37 2022   (tell)   [35870]   (bystander)   "tell x I'm ready whenever ya up for tryin' to whack me back."

I am then told how he reported to staff this behaviour he was witnessing:

QuoteThu Nov 10 22:48:33 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all Is there any way I can get a transfer to the Southern Byn? This is interesting"
Thu Nov 10 22:49:40 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all noted, thanks!!"
Thu Nov 10 22:50:03 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all well this has like deteriorated into a trolling session up here. But my character's motives? Oh, I'm ungemmed"
Thu Nov 10 22:50:14 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all my character does NOT want to be in TULUk, LOL"
Thu Nov 10 22:50:28 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all sorry if I didn't bring that up, but my character always needed to get out of Dodge"
Thu Nov 10 22:50:36 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all he's actually terrified to be in Tuluk."
Thu Nov 10 22:50:42 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all well, he is a stupid hick, but still"
Thu Nov 10 22:51:20 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all that works, makes sense, I had to try. Thanks though!"
Thu Nov 10 22:51:58 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all I actually like that one....but doesn't that kind of turn into a Kill Bill situation where I'm just stright up hunting these dudes with my Krathi?"
Thu Nov 10 22:52:05 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all I'm actually kind of a fan of that idea"
Thu Nov 10 22:52:31 2022   (wish)   [35870]   Kharlazar   (Ibusoe)   "wish all I love you halaster, and I really mean that. OK, please stay tuned ! <3"

Checking the request tool:

2022-11-10 08:51:40PM (4 days ago)

QuoteI've been running into a problem with (attacked player 1)
because he's trolling pretty hard and is metagaming in the process.  I did my best at first to ignore it, and then to outmaneuver it but he's playing his character like a Zalanthan Joe Rogan.

If he's to be allowed to continue like this, I guess my question is what does staff want me to do in response?  Because he's clearly not trying to roll play by this point and clearly not bothering to hide it.


9hp 125mv 86st 91fo>tell elf I don't
talkAttention shifting again, the player 2 exclaims to the elf, in tribal-accented sirihish:
    "Runner X defends!"

69hp 125mv 86st 91fo> to elves.
You say to the elf, in sirihish:
    "I don't talk to elves."

69hp 125mv 86st 91fo>
The (player 1) asks you, in tribal-accented sirihish:
    "Uhhh... you just did?"

69hp 125mv 94st 91fo>
The player 1 male blinks.

These logs are being provided to show that, as stated above, the only person involved with breaking our consent rules was Ibusoe, no one else.  This sort of behavior is not tolerated by Staff and will result in the permanent ban of any player who knowingly breaks the consent rules, as was done in this case


Player permanently banned.
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