Would the staff ever consider surveying player demographics

Started by dwarven fists of doom, November 09, 2022, 09:53:21 PM

Would staff ever consider conducting a survey about player demographics, with a unique survey link generated per account but with anonymized results to protect privacy? Even better if data is also solicited by inactive and banned players as well.

I am asking because it may help with decision making processes. I am mostly inspired by this comment.

Quote from: bebop in a hella locked thread
The staff has an onus to protect the players against predatory behavior, sexual harassment, from minors being involved in the mature themes of this game and to actually enforce not only rules but to embolden a culture of consent and gender equity.

The last part is in bold in the original comment for good reasons™

- I too hate the idea of minors being exposed to adult themes and it's part of why I've quit. If we discover only one or two players are minors, we can make a data driven decision to stop allowing minors so other players are more comfortable. Alternatively we can use this data to monitor these younger players and ensure they are safe.
- I do think there is a gender effect in terms of who keeps playing and who quits or is banned. Many (very well roleplaying) female at birth people have been vocal about their negative experiences on Reddit (because they've been banned and deprived of a voice here), and it may be eye opening to look at the data.

I fully understand the answer to this question may be "Nope" but figured it was worth a shot. "True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it."

There is little stopping players from giving said feedback in any form.

A solicited email carries something of a demand and comes across as creepy, invasive or just plain odd. Why would a DM of a text based game need to know (or care) who is on the other side of the screen? Men play women. Women play men. Does it matter what their RL identity is? It doesn't to me. That then fosters the impression of bias, sexism, chauvinism, racism and so on "Because staff know I'm X and are treating me this way for Y!".

No thank you.

Also, as three warnings was not sufficient and your entire premise of late is to either attack staff, attack players, post inflammatory nonsense, and/or outright lie over intentions, reasons and so on - your game account is now banned as well as your 4th GDB one.

*Edit to add - as a re-read of this may carry an image we don't wish from the staff team, this particular post was perfectly fine. Such feedback or questions are welcome. The posted movement to ban is due to a long-standing ban being bypassed, not once, twice or even three times, but four times, intentionally. Previous posts have been as claimed in attacking/inflammatory, etc. Thus, the decision was to further add the game account to it.

My apologies for any confusion on how that initially read.
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