Sorcerers Available Again - Changes to Sorcerers

Started by Halaster, October 29, 2022, 10:41:39 PM

Effective immediately, sorcerers are now reopened with some changes.  Please read below before applying:

General Changes

1.  There will now only be 2 sorcerers allowed at once, instead of 3.

2.  To help alleviate powerful combat / magick combinations, sorcerers will codedly have a reduction in the max of all combat, weapon, and stealth skills they can achieve.  For combat and weapon it is a fairly significant cap reduction and is relative to the class (i.e. it's percentage based).  For example, a raider who could achieve "high" master in a combat skill will now max at "low advanced".  Stealth skills (climb, hide, sneak) have a reduction, but to a lesser extent.  More along the lines of going from "high" master to "high" advanced.  You can still branch in all cases.

3.  Two new subclasses have been added:  Preserver and Defiler.  These are in addition to the existing four paths of magick.  If a player chooses one of the existing paths of magick, their spelltree will naturally follow the one already laid out for those subclasses, with perhaps a few alterations as gameplay dictates..  If they choose Preserver or Defiler, then they will have a near-blank spelltree and spells will be given via staff directly through roleplay.  This means considerably more attention must be paid to the character by staff, so when agreeing to sponsor a sorcerer player (see below), staff will take this into account.  As the names imply, if Preserver or Defiler are chosen, the character is going to be locked in to one of those styles of gather. The existing four paths of magick will not have this restriction:  those characters can defile or preserve however they see fit.

Staff Sponsorship

All sorcerers will be required to have a staff sponsor by an Administrator (who can get help from Storytellers), thus making sorcerers "sponsored roles".  These sponsors will be independent of team assignment so as to spread the load.  When a new sorcerer application comes in, an Administrator can volunteer to take on that player.  The staff sponsors will work with the player on developing the character's story and place in the world.  Applications should have a set of goals, ideas, and plans on what they want to do that they work out with their sponsor.

Every sorcerer will have to learn their craft in game by a teacher of some kind. They will not be allowed to cast until this happens. This will typically be done by the sponsor (and the storytellers helping them) in the form of an NPC.  Sorcerer characters will not be able to start with the knowledge nor learn it "on their own".  This allows for more staff oversight, guidance, and direction of the sorcerer character to make sure they're not aimless and spending all their time acting as glorified raiders.  These characters should have some goal or backstory that helps drive them.  It can be unknown to the character at the time of creation and developed in-game, but the player working with their staff sponsor should have something in mind.

Every sorcerer character will be expected to submit report requests just like a noble/templar would, the frequency agreed upon with their sponsors.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

Nothing is changing re. how sorcerers work currently, which you can review above

However, since that update we have operated on a 'first come first serve' basis with players regularly sending requests of either concepts or just to ask 'Is there a slot?' and they are either very lucky with perfect timing or they are not. It's a bit messy and means there are good concepts that just never get a shot due to timing.

We're going to approach sorcerers the same way we do other sponsored roles and do official rolecalls that will welcome applications only when there is a slot available.

If there is no active rolecall, then you can assume there is no availability for a new sorcerer role.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev