Memory Lane

Started by Shabago, July 30, 2022, 07:05:57 PM

- Vankolith jumping up on stage to give a rousing rendition of 'Winrothol - in the hole'
- Isatep and Felysia cruising the dunes opposite Malenthis during the Copper Wars.
- Gin and Quick putting the fear into Allanak and the alleys.
- 'House Borsail is noble no longer' and sinking into the ground via Black Robe during the gith war.
- The Halflings taking their swan song in the Grey and the first rain to fall upon the Known.
- Muk Utep walking among His people in the flesh, during a Tuluki celebration.
- The rise and fall of the Dragonthrall Citadel.
- and so many more

These are just a few of the things that have happened over the years in Armageddon, ranging from amusement to terror - player and or staff driven, small and large in size. In this niche pocket of the internet that we all participate in, there has been an endless stream of creativity and effort that we've all poured into our hobby to entertain ourselves and each other.

As July comes to a close, Armageddon marks its 30th anniversary.

No game can or would continue to exist without the right 'team', and that team consists of our entire community - Players, past and present. Staff, past and present. Each of you reading this deserves to know that your efforts and passion towards this hobby of ours is appreciated and those of us on the current staffing team fully intend to make year 31 just as memorable to new and old players alike, as those points above stuck out as memorable to me.

Happy 30th Anniversary Armageddon players and staff.
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