Desert Elf Change Upcoming

Started by Brokkr, July 28, 2022, 02:20:26 PM

We'd like to give you a heads up of a change we intend to do to Desert Elves.

Quote from: Help Desert Elf
As compared to humans, elves have a higher agility (on average), and
a somewhat higher wisdom. Due to their light build, though, they are
generally less strong and sturdy than humans.

This has not historically been the case, from a stat perspective.  Specifically, Desert Elves have both a higher minimum and higher maximum Endurance than humans, currently.  Originally this was a way to make sure the race had enough stamina, but we have long since added the ability to add stamina directly.

The change will bring Desert Elves in line with documentation.  This means that Desert Elves will have a a lower minimum Endurance, equal to humans, and a lower maximum Endurance, slightly lower than that of humans.

To keep their running ability roughly the same, we will be increasing the stamina bonus Desert Elves get slightly.

This is now live.
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