Secret Not So Secret but Secret Rolecall

Started by Brokkr, July 18, 2022, 04:45:18 PM

I could really use one volunteer.

You are volunteering for your character to be screwed with.
You are volunteering to help me with something where I have very specific needs from the character.
You are volunteering to be extremely flexible.

Strangely, this character cannot be mundane.  But be a full Aspect (not Touched) elementalist.

Let me know your comfort zone in terms of what kinds of magickers you would be comfortable playing.
Let me know your rough idea for a character.

Toss in a Role request.  Open until I find the right fit.

To be clear, because there are some folks who perhaps did not catch this:

QuoteBut be a full Aspect (not Touched) elementalist.

Aspect = Subclass magicker

Full Aspect wasn't meant to mean main guild elementalist.  It was meant to be like Aspect of Creation or whatnot, rather than Touched.