Luir's Silk Stretcher Relocated

Started by Katima, July 18, 2022, 12:22:31 PM

Honestly, its not really relocated. We just changed the room links.

Due to a renting conflict between the wagonmaster who rents out carts in Luir's and the stretcher guard who rented access to the Kadian silk stretcher (both of which were in the wagonyard), we needed to move one or the other.

So we moved the entrance to the silk workshop one room west and one room north from the wagonyard. This puts the silk stretcher rental right across from the entrance to the Luir's Fighting pits. Please go here for your future sandsilk/spidersilk crafting needs.

Now that we have this issue corrected, the wagonmaster within the Luir's wagonyard will now properly rent carts for those who need to pack theirs up if they're going to stay a while but don't trust the sticky-fingered tribals to leave it be while they shop or enjoy the famous Kuraci Pleasure Den.
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