Blood and 'Sid, a T'zai Gyn Byn Sergeant Production

Started by Gynesis, July 13, 2022, 10:11:14 PM

Calling all Mercenaries!

Do you like playing nitty, gritty?  Do you like rollin' around with a posse of shit-slingers at your back?  Do you like the adrenaline and excitement of suicidal missions that only those toting the abas of the Byn get called on to take care of?  Do you like spending what little sid you do get on booze, spice and whores?  Well... have I got the role for you!

We're now seeking an individual born in either the North or South to take up a pair of stripes.

If you're interested in this role, please consider the following:
The company needs someone with strong playtimes!
You do not need leadership experience.
Communication is great, regular reports are expected.
I need someone who is willing to be proactive, go out, and do things. Be imaginative and I'll put in the same efforts in return.

All I Need From You:
A name for your character.
A description for your character.
A background for your character.
How you can see yourself handling the above qualifications.
Your usual playtimes.
Any plots, plans, or ideas you might have for the role.

Put together your concept and send them in via request.  I'll leave this rolecall open until July 20th, 2022 10:00PM ST.

Extending this out until July 27th, 10PM ST.

Going to give this another week.  There's some exciting things ongoing here.  Plenty of adventure, political intrigue, and adrenaline inducing escapades to dive right on in to!  Get your double stripes today!