The Soft Hush of the Predator's Gait

Started by Shalooonsh, July 11, 2022, 03:11:19 PM

   Once again, much like the Bernmeister himself, I need you to reach deep into your heart of hearts and pull out some elven juicyness.  I need them dirty, I need them wild, I need them fucking vicious. 

   We're talking War Paint, natural leathers, dirty bare feet, and hands well used to the feel of holding a still warm organ from cutting it out of the body of your target.  Vicious ritual scars, deeply inked tattoos, sharpened blades and the sharp talons of a true hunter.

   You will be a Ghost in the known.  You will be whispered of, you will be worried about, and the only time that prey will know you are there is when the first arrow finally strikes.  You will be the reason that people hire the Byn.  You will be the reason that people do not journey into the wastes alone.  You will be the scary tale told to the young in order to keep them inside the safety of high human walls.

   Nature is not a forgiving place.  You will not receive handouts.  You will not receive kindness from the cities.  Just like in the wild, the only time a tembo eats is when a tembo kills... and you and your people are always hungry.

   Are you ready for the wilder side of wild?  Are you ready to step past the safety of the gentle tribes?  Do the Sun Runners annoy you with being so rich and pretty?  Do the Soh Lanah Kah not fit because they only have one actual word they can use verbally?  Are the Two Moons too ugly, too shady, and too dirty for your liking?

   Well... don't worry.  Elf Daddy Looonsh has your best interests in heart, little one.

   For those of you who have played Desert Elves before (and yes, these are roles that do require desert elven experience before you step in to them) I encourage you to reach out if you are interested.  These are not special or limited roles in any way.  These are fully fledged roles which will be continued and will be open for application going forward... so do not fret if you can't get in Right Now.  You'll have another chance.

   I need hunters, I need wise men, and I need killers.  I need people who are unafraid to be The Bad Guys because they're the reason that Amos the Grebber is unsafe out in the wilderness.... LIKE HE FUCKING SHOULD BE.  I need representation of bad ass elven motherfuckers who are unapologetic to the cities.  Just like in the brick-laden streets there are rules, there are also rules in the wild... and you?  You're the templars.  Enforce those rules.

   The Game now has openings in the following tribes:

  • Sun Runners - Hot blooded heavy drinkers of the wild.  All applicants welcome.
  • Two Moons - Downtrodden, hardbitten southern wild elves that are more cunning than many guess.
  • Soh Lanah Kah - Vicious killers of the Tablelands, absolutely opposed to magick.
  • Akei'ta Var - Those who respect the wisdom given by nature, and understand Her to be bloody-and-brutal.
  • Dune Stalkers - Dedicated to the art of silent movement, and absolute masters of the quiet takedown.

For Akei'ta Var and Dune Stalkers I will very much be preferential to veteran players who are used to these concepts or have played with them before for the first month or two.  This is because there is room for misinterpretation with some of the docs, and I do want people who will put forth the *spirit* of the tribe.  This does not mean that I'll only select veterans, it just means if you're a newer player and you're interested that you're going to have a seriously steep learning curve if you're chosen to play one.

Applications are now OPEN.

Shit... I forgot to mention the Red Fangs are open for application too.  Oh well.  I'll get to it next time.
I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill