Request tool changes.

Started by Shabago, June 24, 2022, 10:00:50 PM

After some discussion among the staff Administrators and Producers, we've decided to ease some expectations on the request tool and have such work in conjunction with also freeing up some time for staff to invest in staff run plots, or facilitating for player run ones. We're all aware that enjoyment comes from playing the game, rather than having to write about it, OOCly. Thus, effective immediately:

1) Character Reports/Leader reports:

These are now two parts, rather than the several points suggested in the supplied framework. Relevant or important IC interactions and staff needs.

Relevant or important IC interactions:
- Banking/recruiting/promotions/demotions
- Conflicts/plots/plans/goals/intended PKs
- Interpersonal matters in bullet form with relevant bio entry.

Staff needs:
- Questions/Requests for animation.
- Building needs, lore requests, RPT time arrangements and so on, as applicable.

In order to not cause delays in responses, or cross communications, we ask that if an urgent matter arises - you submit a separate request marked urgent, so it can get the attention it deserves.

Further, as we have heard players raise the issue of response times to requests, our stance is to change how the structure of resolutions are handled. Going forward, while each zone of the game will have it's own dedicated staff as usual, should a request be left pending beyond it's individual metric and/or it's a matter that any staff member can respond to - it will be. In rare circumstances where an individual staff member must reply to a portion of the issue, the player will be informed of such and not be left in the dark.

Finally, we intend to undertake construction on the request tool itself to remove redundancy and or red-tape matters. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Rolling player kudos and staff kudos into a simplified "Kudos" request.
- Join a clan, leave a clan, clan doc requests would move into a simplified "GDB Access"
- Various staff facing request types will be rolled into one to have faster turn around times and so on.

Those particular changes should be live in the near term, along with some other staff tools that are being updated by Nessalin.

We understand this will take some adjustment for player and staff alike, so do not fret over submitting something 'wrong'. We'll all grow into the new system together. Help-file updates will also soon follow.
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