Kurac Junior Agent Rolecall

Started by Jahash, June 20, 2022, 04:56:17 AM

Mommy Yesweed too tired for gifs and jokes today, work is kicking her ass. THEREFORE:

Wanted: Blooded Kurac Junior Agent
Where you're from: Luir's/Red Storm, take your pick. The Family wants someone politically neutral for this endeavour.
What you'll do: probably get bullied, harassed and accused of doing things you didn't by your social betters. Welcome to the life of a political animal.

Your job is to represent the Good Name of the Family. For an approximate value of 'good' - after all, everyone knows the Kurac family has a touch of madness in their blood.

You have a week to get your apps in, and I'll close it on or before the date of 27/6/2022. Thanks!

You have through the end of today to get these applications in. So if you want to play a Kuraci, now's your chance!