Rolecall for 2 People

Started by Halaster, June 01, 2022, 11:23:32 AM

And the end of last year, I put out a rolecall for 5 individuals to work together to create a new tribe.  This has been done and the tribe has been created, and many people have already met them in the game.  The players were given a basic history and a few parameters and were given full creative license to develop this tribe, and I have to say I think they did a fantastic job.  They have an unfolding story that has the potential to effect change in the world, or die gloriously (or you know, to meks/spiders/carru ingloriously in the wilds).

We're adding 2 more slots to this group so if you're interested, please put in a request to create a character.

- You must be able to put in some time during US primetime, which means roughly 7p to 11p Server (Eastern) time.  That doesn't mean available every day for those full hours, but a decent chunk of time each week that falls within those hours.
- You must be able to be reasonably active overall.  I don't want to put a specific amount of time, but not someone who frequently stops playing for a week or two at a time.  Obviously RL is much more important, but about the same expectation as any leadership role.

These two requirements are important for plotline growth in the short term, but more extensive and non-primetime playtimes are also welcome for the future.

This is closed, thanks all!