Game wide changes and approach

Started by Shabago, May 27, 2022, 07:34:56 PM

Changes are coming to Armageddon once more. The staffing team is hopeful that these changes will be well received. They stem from both a desire to mix things up and make the game engaging as well as reflect we're listening to oft-stated player requests and feedback. To this end, the following will be happening over the near and long-term.

1) A return to staff spending more time on facilitated plot drives and story arcs.

While rather self explanatory, this isn't merely 'A goal' but a shift that has already been occurring organically as we digested player feedback and team members expressed an interest in changing focus. At current, we have a number of cooking plot hooks to introduce to the game. In addition to what you are used to, these hooks will operate on both small and large scale, with active player-agency affecting their direction. These will not be top-down, information sitting style events but rather be readily accessible for whomever wishes to participate or learn about them. Some will be niche or hidden from the game-world at large as they are clan specific or city specific, others will be larger. At the end of the day, no one area of the game world will be left out. Our discussions, brainstorming and goals revolve around a rotational story focus, where one plot leads into the next. A portion of the game world will always be active in some capacity, while encouraging interaction based on the former location.

2) Player background and player started plots:

Player created and/or started plots will continue to receive support, as they have these past years. This will come with the addition of staff utilizing player backgrounds if/as able to help tell a characters story on the micro level. Staff, when spotting something in the background of a player in their area, zone or clan that they wish to bring to life and have the available time, will do so. In order to make this less jarring or go against player wishes at present, it is asked that players note in a character report if they wish to have their background or bios be free game. This is an all or nothing aspect - either all of your background/bios are open for usage, or none.

3) A more vibrant and alive world through rumor:

Through the usage of in-game, GDB and clan boards, rumors will go out about the game world. This is experimental and comes with a few expectation setting points. Namely; 1) a post may be rather bland and short or quite robust in nature. A single sentence about Borsail slave sales, or a 'Coming Soon' style story about Red Storm. 2) These do not guarantee the start of an RPT - these are to make the world feel more alive. 3) Trust is being extended that usage of said rumors will only be used where appropriate for IC knowledge. An Aide of Tor will not know the latest rumor about the Sun Runners. 4) Yes, where appropriate, these rumors can be used in character background/creation or story-start creation of the player.

4) On the Horizon:

A) We are also presently creating a player-made and lead advertising group, with necessary staff support. -> See Hal's post here:,58013.msg1076665.html#new
B) Potential new playable options/area(s).

Looking forward to seeing you all on the sands.
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