This is too good to be BLUE

Started by Haldol, May 15, 2022, 12:03:06 AM


It's me...

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to be staffed by me?

Just take a few moments to hear out my plea...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Gamers and Gith,

May I have your attention, please!!!

What have you been eagerly awaiting to fulfill your heart's desires?

What's been missing since April of 2021???

Yes, YES, YES!!!  It's time for one of you to step forward, slip on that BLUE robe, and answer your Highlord's call.

We need a brand new templar to serve in Allanak.

Do not be fooled by frivolous rumors for this is no easy task.

The night is long and full of terrors such as...

Gangs of despicable elves...

Assassins seeking any opportunity to strike...

Tattooed barbarians are a constant threat...

Slaves who believe THEY deserve freedom...

Defilers wielding forbidden magick...

And worst of all, you must navigate the minefield of fragile Highborn egos.

You will serve as judge, jury, and executioner, and no matter how hard you try EVERYONE will despise you.

To begin, read all the following:


Crime and Justice


Allanak Hierarchy

How Templars Are Educated

Now you're ready to write that application. Here's what we expect from you as a player:

High playtimes. We need someone who regularly plays during evenings server time (PRIMETIME). You don't need to be on all the time, but you need to be consistent. Tell us your weekly average and typical playtimes.

Good or improving account notes. Everyone makes mistakes, can you learn from them?

Longevity. We want a player whose character will still be around in six months, not six weeks.

Patience. There will be highs and lows. You'll need to weather the storm.

A solid grasp of Allanak and its political landscape.

Good communication. You'll be expected to submit weekly character reports at first.

Submit a full application that includes background, character goals, and psyche.

A complete understanding that you're portraying a realistic character in the world and not just a mob in a game.

But Haldol, I don't know how to write a successful application!

Do not fret, several veteran players have shared their format for successful role call applications. Just click the link below:

Previous Accepted Apps

Starting now, you'll have until midnight Friday, May 20th to submit your best application.

As I was writing this, I thought... What would make this double good? What would make their wildest dreams come true?

Then it hit me like a bolt of Elkrosian inspiration.

I hopped over to pitch my idea to Halaster and to my surprise he said YES! (Save the date cards to follow, check your mudmail)

"Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you the choice I never had."

So once you're accepted, you'll get to peruse through a list of pre-approved spells and selected one as an additional starting spell for FREE!

But act now, spell supplies are limited!!!

The idea is to help flesh out and enhance your character's background and interests. (And no, THAT spell is not on the list.)

To the one, we select, Godspeed and I hope you survive.

To all the others, don't feel bad. I've never been selected for a templar role call either...

There still time to apply if you're feeling the blue.


We've already eagerly started our review process. You'll be hearing something soon!