Temporary Pause on Sorcerer Applications

Started by Brokkr, May 04, 2022, 08:42:12 PM

Staff have been in a discussion about sorcerers and have decided to put a pause on accepting any applications for them temporarily.  Psionicists are still open for application.

We are discussing a number of things, from their spell lists to how those work with the different guilds, to should there be a purpose behind every sorcerer rather than leaving them up to their own devices.  It is a wide ranging discussion.  Until we figure it all out, we've decided to put a pause on new sorcerers.  It may be two weeks, it may be two months.  When we have hammered out a plan, we will open it back up.

We would like to see your feedback and ideas, but are going to request that it be delivered via the request tool, rather than GDB or Discord.  While open discussion is typically good, there is just a whole bunch of FOIC information around sorcerers, and more importantly, we have no desire to see public criticism of past sorcerer characters that would likely arise.