Rolecall: A nitty, gritty, down and dirty Byn Sergeant.

Started by Gynesis, March 14, 2022, 11:43:30 PM

Shamelessly stolen from Aromit.

Quote from: Aromit on March 10, 2019, 06:29:20 PM
There's some perks to the gig...

Say inspiring things to Runners!

Or don't.

Or do!

Maybe you have a compelling story of how you climbed the ranks and earned your second stripe!

Stack dem coins!

The T'zai Byn mercenary company is looking for at least 1 new pair of arms to wear the second stripe of a Sergeant. The only coin you care is about are the ones in your pocket or the ones about to be. A competitive market in a world that deals in blood as often as water.

If you're interested in this role, please consider the following:
The company needs someone with strong playtimes!
You do not need leadership experience.
Communication is great, regular reports are expected.
I need someone who is willing to be proactive, go out, and do things. Be imaginative and I'll put in the same efforts in return.

All I Need From You:
A name for your character.
A description for your character.
A background for your character.
How you can see yourself handling the above qualifications.
Your usual playtimes.
Any plots, plans, or ideas you might have for the role.

This rolecall will stay open until March 21st midnight, or earlier if I find the perfect fit!

Your Sergeant would be diving into a BRAND NEW Warband: Skullsplitter.  There are some new and exciting things going on with taking on a pair of stripes.  I look forward to your applications!

Bumpity bump BUMP BUMP!

Four more days left my dudes!