Started by __Torax__, November 20, 2003, 01:24:48 AM

If I just lost a fuckload of things, around 6,000 sid from what I've added up... Will I get a reimbursement providing I can show the log of my things? I have no 'sid and just lost a couple tents and most of my armor because it was on the ground during some actions I was doing with another PC. Please tell me I can get my things back... I cant replace them because I have no money and they were my best things..
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Email the request to:

If you are in a clan, email the clan immortal, and CC:

They will review the request, and move accordingly.

Mail mud immediately with a list of what you lost and the circumstances. If you've got a clan immortal, cc them. Then put it in your objective and wait.

When you're listing what you had, please try to supply the exact sdesc. Saying "2 daggers" isn't the most helpful thing in the world. Some people keep a list of their inventory and eq. This is not a bad idea.

Please don't ask to have your 3 kalan fruit and a half-eaten hunk of steak reimbursed. If it's something small and easily replaced like that, I suggest including an item like "about 100 sid in food" or whatever.