Subguild None and Change Subguild

Started by Halaster, February 27, 2022, 05:52:10 PM

You can now choose None as your subguild during character creation, and then later pick one with the change subguild command.

- You may only do this once, and there is no Undo
- This is for mundane subguilds only.  Any magick or psionic subguilds must be picked at character creation
- It will look at your current karma and give you the options at that time (i.e. 1 karma extended subguilds will show up for those who have 1 current karma)
- Syntax to see your options is:  change subguild
- Syntax to change it is:  change subguild <your choice>, such as change subguild hunter

P.S.  Before you ask, no we have no plans to allow people to change existing subguilds to something else.  That was discussed and decided against.  This only applies for picking subguild None and later adding your one (and only) subguild.
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