Muk Chooses You!

Started by Gynesis, January 09, 2022, 06:55:12 PM

Ever wanted to play a noble, but thought the role might be too restrictive?  Ever wanted to play someone who comes from a family hand-picked by the one and the only Sun King himself?  Ever wanted to be a part of the winningest city-state of all city-states?

Well, now you can be!  Come one, come all and get

Are you interested in leaving your mark in a city-state ripe with opportunities?  Does infrastructure, building and making things functionable on the inside and outside entice you?  Spare no tree, go with Tenneshi.
**Cute little baby goudra not included.**

Maybe you see yourself as more of the healing sort.  Does dabbling in floristry, herbs and seeking out new and rare flowers fascinate you?  Aiding his citizenry, ever the charitable Dasari.

While the preference is for either of these two Surif Houses, there are also two other Houses that we might consider if the application really stands out.  We're looking to fill two sets of noble shoes.

What you get:

  • A cool snazzy outfit to prance around in.
  • METAL - who doesn't want to flash around a fancy metal ring?
  • The cool kids clubhouse - er a Noble Estate.
  • The opportunity to engage in politcal intrigue, or cause it.
  • All the food, water and attention you could ever dream of.

What we require:
   *  Motivation to set plots and plans in motion.
   *  Interest in the long haul as well as being in a high-visibility role.
   *  Ability to involve others.
   *  Consistant playtimes.  10+ hours per week, preferably spread over the course of the week at peak time, though all others will be considered equally as well.
   *  Familiarity with Tuluk or a deep willingness to learn rapidly.
   *  Bi-weekly reporting.

Please include in your Clan Related/Role Application Request:
Character name
Character's Personality
Brief Background
General idea of what kinds of things you'd like to do with your noble.
Your expected weekly availability including play times (server time)
Your first AND second choice of noble houses you'd like to play in.

Please address the request title as: ATTN Gynesis.

This role call closes January 16th!