An Energizing Topic

Started by Halaster, November 27, 2021, 03:13:41 PM

Announcing three more new subguilds coming on the next code release (likely Sunday).

Elkros Touched - 1 karma
  Touched Elkrosians:
    Those touched by Elkros find enjoyment in the sudden use of force, whether
that is through physical violence or forceful words.  They are typically more
at home outdoors and do not find sandstorms as discomforting as others.  They
are more likely to embrace chaos and uncertainty than shy away from it.

    Touched Elkrosians can achieve advanced levels of bashing their opponents,
foraging in the wild, and an ability to sense the right direction in difficult
times, and they have an increased capacity for pain.  By utilizing their forage
ability they can eventually learn how to hunt in the wilderness at an advanced
level.  And with further practice bashing, they can later learn how to kick to
an advanced level.

Elkros - Aspect of Vigor - 2 karma

An Elkrosian of the Vigor aspect is an elementalist who can directly wield
forces of energy to do their bidding.  They can help themselves and others
to quickly catch their breath when tired, as well as form that energy into
other-wordly beings.

Elkros - Aspect of Havoc - 3 karma

An Elkrosian of the Havoc aspect is one who wields the strength of energy
and sudden force.  They can hurl bolts of lightning at their foes and
otherwise manipulate it to do their bidding.  If they so choose, they can
leave behind them a trail of destruction and chaos nearly rivaling that
of a Fire mage.
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