The ArmageddonMUD Black Friday Sales Event!

Started by Halaster, November 26, 2021, 10:18:33 AM

The ArmageddonMUD Black Friday Sales Event!

For the LOW LOW price of ONE KARMA you can play a Drov Touched subguild!

C'mon down to Ashlayer's Furniture Outlet and apply today!

  Touched Drovians:
    Those touched by Drov find themselves feeling at home in the darkness and
shadows.  Whether they live in the city or call the wilderness home, a touched
Drovian will be adept at stealth.  Their affinity with fear and terror often
means they are either fearless, or have at least learned how to control these
emotions to a degree to appear so.  Known to favor the night they tend to feel
right at home staying awake until the sun rises.

    Touched Drovians can achieve an advanced level of hide in both city and
wildneress environments, and an advanced level of listening in the city and
blind fighting.  By practicing their ability to hide, a Touched Drovian can
learn how to sneak up to journeyman level and use poisons at an advanced level.
Their stealth is specialized to both city and wilderness environments.

Will be playable on next code release, which is likely Sunday.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev