Staff Policy and conduct

Started by Shabago, November 12, 2021, 08:42:11 PM

Staff members of Armageddon maintain a series of rules and regulations that each of its members are expected to adhere to. Failure to do so would result in disciplinary action taken by the Producers of the game. The action taken can vary by degree and are based upon the context of the rule in question. Said action can be, but is not limited to the following:

- Discussion. A conversation to reinforce the rule in question and correct the behaviour.
- Removal of certain privileges. IE: Posting to the GDB, Discord server, clan oversight, etc.
- Termination of staff avatar or full game ban.

The following are a list of rules that we feel would or do directly impact the player base, rather than exhaustive list of all staff regulations:

1)  Staff run a variety of different animations, which may result in harm to, or the death of a PC. Staff abides by certain rules and expectations to ensure accountability for these actions, by making sure other Staff are aware of the events and agree that they are reasonable.  If in the course of a non-planned animation a PC death occurs, Staff will immediately let an Admin or Producer know, if they are available on the game port.  Additionally, if any Staff member is involved in the death of a PC through animation or through the actions of their mortal account character, the Staff member is responsible for putting a request tool report regarding the incident within 24 hours.

The intention behind these rules, in part, is to make sure Staff are not planning and initiating an animation with the express intention to kill off a character without justifiable reasons behind it.  Staff rely on the reporting of activity to other Staff to judge reasonableness rather than harder rules on engagement due to the wide range of situations that are animated for.  For example, we must have rules wide enough to encompass the pre-planned killing off of a character when the player behind that player requests it, animating the world to appropriately reflect the danger an exploring character has wandered into that may result into character death, animate for PCs to facilitate PC to PC activity (for example, animating for a Templar PC so they can provide a cool death for another PC), or animating for a pre-planned RPT where PCs may be instructed by animated NPCs to engage in perilous and potentially deadly activities.

On the other hand, we do want to prevent anyone from having five gith loaded on them when they are no where near gith territory.

2) Staff shall maintain the privacy of sensitive information for the game and its active plots and stories, as to not spoil the experience for its players.

3) Staff shall not discriminate against its players by way of race, gender, gender identity, sex, creed, or religion.

4) Staff are expected to maintain in-character and staff avatar separation. This includes not playing in ones own clan, monitoring players their mortal PC has active engagement with, using their staff status to push for in-game perks, builds, stats or skills, or have their game related requests treated better or faster in the request tool as compared to players.

5) Staff shall adhere to the same game rules as set forth to the games players.
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