Good Guys Wear White - Even When They're Bad Boys

Started by Shalooonsh, October 07, 2021, 05:37:03 PM

The Ivory!

Big columns, lots of porticos, splended wine that's not made from onions, and interesting creatures.  You've all heard of it, you may have played there a time or two, and you're kind of interested in dipping your toe in to the white again.  "But how do I choose?!" you scream at the sky, "There has to be a better way!!"

Well there is!  Would you like to be snooty and high-falutin?  Would you also like to be a major kicker of the asses?  Are you interested in snazzy gear, cool bosses, and the ability to crack down on anyone without the proper inks? 

A role in His Legions could be right for YOU!

That's right, we have a Sergeant role that has opened up in the fabled Northlands.  We need interesting and violence-positive players to apply with their coolest human sergeant ideas so that we can pluck you up and drop you in your new shiny boots.

   *  We would like you to have account notes.  This is not a necessity.
   *  Familiarity with the Northlands or a deep willingness to learn rapidly.
   *  Subtlety.
   *  Decent login times - preferably around peak.
   *  I guess I can deal with a phone player or whatever but you people are weird
   *  Regular reporting.  Seriously, I hate chasing people down for reports.  Just submit them every week or two and let us know what's up.
   *  Military leadership experience is absolutely a benefit.  Not mandatory.

Get your applications in soon!  You've got one week to roll them out - Closure is a certainty by 10/14/2021.
I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill

Bump, last day to get in here. Applications close 10/14 midnight server time.