Rolecall: T'Zai Byn Sergeant in Allanak

Started by Halaster, October 04, 2021, 04:38:49 PM

Needed: one crazed person to step up as a Sergeant of the T'zi Byn in Allanak

This is, of course, a southern role.  It is a role that is steeped in tradition but also allows for creative players to leave their mark on the game.  Moderate proficiency with combat is important, and the desire and ability to engage others is a must. 

Please include in your app at least one idea for where your pc will find contracts for your unit.

Role will close Sunday Oct 10 sometime during that day, so get your apps in before that.

Note:  If you're currently playing a character in the Byn and would like to be considered, you can apply too!
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We have another opening for a Sergeant of the T'zai Byn, intending to keep this open until january 7th unless the perfect fit is found before then. If you're a current T'zai Byn member that is interested and qualified for the role let us know.

Things to include in your app:

The character concept (description, background, guild/subguild)
Your playtimes
What you'd like to see the clan accomplish under your leadership
What, if anything, you hope to see in the clan or changed about the clan.
How we can help you succeed in telling the story you want to tell.

rolecall closes today.  get your last minute apps in, I will be making the final decision and proceeding to the setup phase by tomorrow.

~~~   Wanted   ~~~

A new T'zai Byn Sergeant

~~~   Needed   ~~~

Concept (desc, background, guild/subguild)
A background story about something your PC has achieved (or bungled) in the past, as a badge of honor/scar/disfiguration/moniker
Any IC goals you wish to achieve

Role call open till 20th April.

Due to player needs as well as staff availability, we're going to be closing this up this weekend.

Please do consider this role call completed.  Thank you to everyone who applied!
I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill