How To Tuluk 101 - What your PC knows

Started by Shalooonsh, August 02, 2021, 02:40:23 AM

So we've had The Better City open for a whole day, and it's become a bit apparent that a few things need to be addressed in kind of a sweeping gesture.  I'll try to be comprehensive with this first go, and give enough information so that everyone is covered.

If Your Character Was Born During Closure, or Has Been In There The Whole Time

  • Be Xenophobic.  If your PC was born in the closure, every story your PC heard of The Exiled Known spoke of horrible witches, demonic ashlayers, desert elves who burned down argosies, and tribal cultures that participated in primitive blood rituals on a daily basis.  Allanak has infiltrators EVERYWHERE and Luir's folk worship coin and have no integrity.  The kryl have many forms, what if they've evolved one that can mimic a human?  Openly show disproval, fear, revulsion or even anger towards The Exiled, the Outsider, the Faithless.
  • Be.  X*E*N*O*P*H*O*B*I*C. 
  • But also be happy and festive!!  The Gates are open!  There are parties in the streets!  The Akai Sjir might be throwing impromptu cookouts here and there, bards might be randomly tossing down a cask or two of wine for a drinking contest, or consider spontaneous street games like footraces, storytelling contests, or even a rousing round of Pin The Dagger In The Traitor which might be a little less fun for whichever outsider is nominated the Traitor, but hey it's Tuluk.
  • Remember, the gates have been closed for a LOOOONG TIME.  Steps outside of them should be taken haltingly and with a lot of worry.  Kryl lurk behind every bush.  Your PC doesn't even know the difference between a gortok's howl and a rantarri's roar because they have never actually truly heard either of them.

If Your Character is Northern But Was Outside:

  • Your character does not have memories of Tuluk unless they are literally 60 years old or more.  If between 55 and 60, those memories could exist but would most likely be dim shadows and half remembered.  Anyone younger than 55 has -no memory- of being inside Tuluk.
  • It is likely your character's parents may not have even been inside if your character is 20-30 years old.  Please keep in mind that any stories your PC may have heard would have come from grandparents or super oldsters getting drunk in The Gibbet or somewhere and would likely be incredibly different from the reality of how things are.  Please feel free to play some confusion about this.
  • The opening of the gates and the first steps in Tuluk should be a nigh spiritbending experience.  Your PC heard tales of this city and its splendor, of the civil strife within, of the art and the music and the liquor for YEARS, and they've even seen the walls, but it was like a wall that kept your PC out of Atlantis.  Now Atlantis has risen.
  • Even though you The Player may have spent 15 years before closure bopping around His Ivory, please feel free to have your character get lost and not know immediately where everything is.

If Your PC Is One of The Exiled

  • If your PC is in any way not Tuluki born, your PC is considered part of The Exiled Known, and Tuluki citizens would be extremely happy to have you remain out there until you die.  If your PC was dying in the middle of the street most Tuluki citizens would only be disappointed because your PC wasn't being more discreet.  They wouldn't care, and they're by and large only too happy to watch your PC suffer.
  • Your PC is not wanted.  Even though businesses are open, please feel free to emote/roleplay that they randomly refuse you service.  Order a drink?  Only half the cup is full.  Order a meal and it's made with dried out and overcooked meat. Everywhere, vnpc people are watching your PC, keeping tabs on them, many with that solid constant far away stare of the waying while others keep active watch.  Feel free to emote being struck by random pieces of thrown rotting fruit or even stone, being turned away for service, being given bad directions, or randomly junk an item because a thief made off with it.
I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill