So you thought you had time? The Highlord wants you NOW.

Started by Usiku, July 23, 2021, 12:57:52 PM

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The rolecall for ALLANAKI Templars closes Sunday 25th July at MIDDAY.

Mostly.. Shamelessly stolen:

Dallying around is for Northron scum and False Templars. The Highlord's time is precious. Are you prepared to take up the mantel? Are you prepared to remind the Known what the Highlord's might really feels like? Will you spread His Shadow far and wide by sword, coin or pen? All shall carry the hefty burden of His Will upon their shoulder, and all shall be rewarded with the cries of His enemies and the glory of His expanding Empire within their future. You shall find your 'peers' just as ambitious and deadly as the enemies outside His walls, and it shall take all your cunning and ruthlessness in order to survive the tasks set before you. The rewards are many but seen by so precious few..


  • High playtimes AN ABSOLUTE MUST.
  • Reliable reporting ability... I do not need to know every little thing, but I sure need to have at least one report every two weeks.   I prefer weekly, but I will take bi.
  • Good account notes... or at least not horrible.
  • A solid grasp of Allanaki politics, from the highest silk to the lowest ratsucker. See that social hierarchy above? Yeah. Live by it.
  • An ability and willingness to play a Leadership position.  You must be able to lead patrols, arrange RPTs without staff assistance, deal with all manner of folk, and report swiftly when Allanak is in need.
  • Send in an full application with background, throw some goals in there, and an idea of the character's psyche.
  • Ability to commonly play from a computer, or laptop.  I am not interested in phone-heavy players, no offense, but the response times for emotives and combat from a phone is an obvious impact to other players in a scene.  Part of being top notch is that ability to instantly react and keep track of multiple things going on at once.


The rolecall for ALLANAKI Templars closes Sunday 25th July at MIDDAY. We will be aiming to get set up and in game by Tuesday 27th July.