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Aging and stats
« on: July 22, 2021, 12:47:02 PM »
Are stat increases for aging random or static? Or is it more complicated than that? If I start a young PC, likely to get worse stats for strength, endurance and wisdom from the start, could I expect those stats to improve over say, fifteen years, if I were to live that long?

What I am asking really is... if I were to have below average on what I consider an important stat at a young age, could I expect it to go to above average? Good? by the time I'm 30 or something? It might be worth holding onto if I know I'll be gaining with age, but not so much if it's just a random roll.

Considering this with not prioritizing anything, so I'm also curious if prioritizing increases the chance for a stat to go up over time.


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Re: Aging and stats
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Prioritizing does not change anything.

Age will have a static affect on your initial rolls.

After that, at certain periods, there is a chance that a stat will go up or down based on deviation of your stats from the sort of defined midpoints for that age (towards the direction of that midpoint).  However, the chance is not high enough that you could expect something like that kind of gains to stats, although exceptionally old characters can pretty much expect a decline of stats.