Tuluk Updates

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Going to try to post links to updated public helpfiles as we go through them here, as well as other bits and pieces.

IC'ly, there are a few soldiers from the Legions outside the walls of Tuluk, so if you interact with the Legions you may have some sense of what the situation is inside of Tuluk.  And obviously more information depending on who your character is once the gates are fully open.

So with no more ado, here is the first amended helpfile:


One experiment I am going to try in Tuluk.

We have a couple of traditional warehouses of the type you may be familiar with where players can try to form a MMH.

I've also duck taped and baling wired together a couple of scripts which might eventually be used there, but will be first deployed in what I will call "PC businesses".  These businesses will still require getting to the "warehouse" stage of MMH progression by registering with the Templarate/taxes.  However, the same place folks might rent a warehouse to that are interested in a warehouse also rent a "business".

These are a bit of a jump ahead in progression.  They don't necessarily have a warehouse.  They don't necessarily come with a lot of storage.  But they are sort of pre-setup with a shopkeeper and potentially a door guard, where the access to those comes through the rental and everyone that has access to it, which usually carries a higher rental price to cover their salaries.  In return, at this point, folks going this route won't be able to progress along the MMH path. There won't be the customization that can come to NPCs one gets along the MMH path, including what the NPCs sell, at what prices, etc.

There are a handful of businesses.  They each are already pre-configured to focus on this or that business opportunity.  Most will only sell things.

Let me give an example.  Players can rent the Blue Chalice.  It has a barkeep. The barkeep will sell liquid containers (and the stuff inside them) and food.  None of that automatically populates on the NPC.  The owner, or their employees/partners, have to actually give the NPC those items.  There is also some other structural stuff for the place, but that is the core of it.

Since it isn't well documented anywhere else, shopkeepers have some stuff they will do, if the renter of the business, or people they have put on the lease, ask them to.

ask <shopkeeper> help - reminds you of these available commands
get  <shopkeeper> <object> - NPC will get the object in the room (in cases where it is too heavy for PC).
ask  <shopkeeper> <object in shopkeeper inventory> - NPC will give the owner the object in NPC inventory.
ask  <shopkeeper> coins - NPC will give the owner all the coins it has.

https://www.armageddon.org/help/view/Tuluki%20Roleplay  Tuluki Roleplay

Changes to Faithful/Chosen romantic and sexual relations.
Changes to Shadow Artistry.
Changes to disappearing.

https://www.armageddon.org/help/view/Utep%20Sun%20Clan Utep Sun Clan

Update to the Templarate section.

https://www.armageddon.org/help/view/Tuluk  Last paragraph and a link.  Changed status to OPEN but that won't happen for a few days.

https://www.armageddon.org/help/view/Tuluk%20Awakens  Entirely new entry.

I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill

I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill

If you start a Tuluki character, you will start inside of Tuluk.

Gates are still closed.

Due to some time constraints on my part...

Merchants that have been hanging around Morins forever have in general had their prices looked at to make them work in conjunction with the merchants in Tuluk.  You may see this in terms of what they buy, for how much, and what and how much they sell things for.

Certain merchants have left Morins completely, although you are likely to find them in Tuluk when you are able to get there.  Maybe. (this is where me not being available comes in, to time this exactly with whenever Tuluk opens).

Speaking of Merchants.

There are several in Tuluk you may encounter that don't offer anything.  Those are likely the merchants for the PC businesses.  They will only have goods when PCs have rented the business and supplied goods for sale.

https://www.armageddon.org/help/view/PC%20Business  Added a helpfile to explain the workings and limitations of the PC Business trial in Tuluk.

When we were first starting to seriously discuss re-opening Tuluk, we came up with a list of Big Issues which were things we discussed and kept in mind and guiding principles as we undertook changes related to Tuluk's re-opening.  I am sharing those here, along with some of the things under each issue that were discussed and addressed or kept in mind.

Big Issue 1:  What is the correct Tuluki roleplay?

Changed Faithful/Chosen sex stuff, as it led to players desiring to RP contrary to the guidelines.
Simplification of registered crime.
Re-Opening when there are still significant number of "old" players around.
Tuluk subtlety oriented towards is not everything is as it seems on the surface, not secrecy.

Big Issue 2:  How Streamlined should we make Tuluk?

Destroyed certain quarters.
Made Warrens far more central and multi-purpose.

Big Issue 3:  What does Tuluk opposition to Allanak look like?

Recent battle to show North very much still does not like South.
Prolonged campaign in Morins before Tuluk opens that is anti-non-Tuluki.
Quarters destroyed in Tuluk were in the Public Quarter, which is now severely reduced in size.

Big Issue 4:  Templars

A lot of this around skill list, how templars become templars.
Address "plot-killing" Lirathan abilities.
Reflect changes in Templarate over intervening years due to Civil War and Unified Order, e.g. Listless

Big Issue 5:  How much from what Tuluk used to be?

Ultimately, we decided to change geography some, to try to make things a bit more playable, make it roughed up a bit by the earthquake, but keep the overall feel as far as the culture.

Big Issue 6:  Staff workload

Some of this was the building and documentation changes.
We looked at where Staffing time had changed, especially if we were supporting a new "mini-Tuluk" of support in Luirs, and what we could do to address that if opening Tuluk.
We looked at whether change to 4 Staffing Teams, or switch things around, and whether this would address some of the issues.

Big Issue 7:  How to respect heritage, change stuff, incorporate new players

Tuluk has an important part in the game's history, and a fond place in many hearts.  It has also been destroyed and arisen from the ashes before. We made an effort to keep elements players seem to like, while addressing the pain points.  We tried to make it different enough to be an interesting exploration, with nods back to history.  We made an effort to clarify or change some of the more complex or confusing elements.